• Four Pears 1984 1200 ppl.jpg

We look at an artist’s work and typically choose our favorite artists based on a few available works from a life long career of successes and failures. Even the best biographers cannot convey the artist’s life and experiences. With that in mind, I have chosen here the pieces that I value most of all. Those that stand out for me as my most successful and more importantly, personal expressions.

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  • Self Portrait-1-1971-1200 ppl.jpg
  • Redding Farm - Gettysburg.jpg
  • Bridge over Willoughby Run.jpg
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  • low tide at 300dpi.jpg
  • Scene from our Garden small.jpg
  • Meditation on the White Whale-2019.jpg
  • Jonah and the Whale.-2019 1200ppl.jpg
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  • Fressie in the Window-1983 1200 ppl.jpg
  • still life with scale figures.jpg