I started carrying a sketchbook in art school. And it has helped me to develop discipline and refine my drawing skills. For me, drawing is the basis for everything.

Goat Farm B&B, Maine 

05b goats 2 at 300 dpi color.jpg
05a goats 1 at 300 dpi color.jpg
05c goats 3 at 300 dpi color.jpg
goat portrait.jpg

Nantucket - 1997 

Nanatucket-1 1997.jpg
08b Nanatucket-2 1997.jpg
08c Nanatucket-3 1997.jpg
08d Nanatucket-4 1997.jpg
08e Nanatucket-5 1997.jpg
20b dinosaur.jpg
20a dinosaurs.jpg

Pittsburg - Carnegie Natural History Museum (two images)

Grand Canyon National Park 

19a grand canyon-2 2011.jpg
19b grand canyon-3 2011.jpg
19e grand canyon 1 2011.jpg
Untitled 22 x 30.jpg
Grand Canyon pastel.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-1l.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-2.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-3.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-5.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-4.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-7.jpg
Grand Canyon 2014-6.jpg

Saguaro National Park 

19f saguaro-2.jpg
19h saguaro-3.jpg
19i saguaro-4.jpg
19g saguaro-small.jpg
20d cider mill barn.jpg
20f cider mill barn.jpg
20h cider mill house.jpg
20c cider mill barn.jpg
20e cider mill barn.jpg

Cider Mill Farm, West Virginia (multiple images)

Utah Parks 

arches 1_small.jpg
arches 2_small.jpg
arches 3_small_edited-1.jpg
arches 4_small.jpg
arches 5_small.jpg
arches 6_small.jpg
Bryce Canyon drawing_small.jpg
zion - temple of sinawara_small_edited-1.jpg

Brunswick, Georgia

I spent almost a week walking around the historic town. It had been an important ship yard during World War II where many Liberty Ships were built. The last image in this gallery was painted from the sketch almost ten years afterwards.

Brunswick paper_small.jpg
Star Frazer Brunswick GA 7-21-2017_edited-1.jpg

Hyde Park, New York

Pastel. 9x12 sketchbook. 2018.


ghost ranch 2_small.jpg
ghost ranch_small.jpg
rio grande_small.jpg
sandia mtns_small.jpg
hoppers studio_small.jpg
abandonded excavator 11-9-2011_small.jpg
04n Locomotive detail.jpg

Sheperdstown, West Virginia.

Dead Tree. 18” x 24”. Charcoal on paper.