Still Life

  • Four Pears 1984 1200 ppl.jpg


Oil on Paper. 1984. This is one of my favorite pieces. I have always enjoyed the loose freedom of expression and have many times tried to recreate that feeling, without the success.

Five Pears-2018 1200 ppl.jpg

Five Pears

Pastel on Arches Paper. 2018. In this composition, I wanted to give the pears a more monumental presence by using a point of view similar to a much larger landscape.

Harmony in Red-2018 1200 ppl.jpg

Harmony in Red

Pastel on sanded paper. 2018. This was made in reference to my favorite Matisse painting by the same name.

four pears sketch no 1-2018 1200 ppl.jpg
four pears sketch no 2-2018 1200 ppl.jpg
four pears sketch no 3-2018 1200 ppl.jpg
four pears-2018_1200 ppl.jpg

Four Pears

Pastel on various papers. 2018. This was a series reflecting the original Four Pears painting and combining it with a very stylized background of William Morris's wallpaper "Willow Boughs".

zinnias no 1_2019_1200 ppl.jpg
zinnias no 2-2019 1200 ppl.jpg
zinnias no 1a_2019_1200 ppl.jpg
Zinnias no 2_19_1200 ppl.jpg


All are Pastel on Arches Paper. 30" x 22". 2019.

Charcoal Seashell 22x30 11-15-2018_1200 PPL.jpg

Sea Shell

Charcoal on Arches Paper. 22" x 30". 2018.

peonies 1988 1200 ppl.jpg


Acrylic on canvas. 30" x 40". 1989. This was actually a plein air painting done in the small garden behind our apartment in Philadelphia.

poinsettias 1986 1200 ppl.jpg


Nupastel on Rieves BFK paper. 1986. 30" x 42". Sometimes the better control and technique that I have developed, loses something that was once more loose and expressive. “Something is lost, but something is gained.” (Joni Mitchell)

pears 1984 1200 ppl.jpg


Oil on Canvas. 48" x 60”. For this painting, I wanted to incorporate a sense of indeterminacy. So I did a series of random arrangements of pears and chose one for the final composition. This painting is displayed in a private collection and is one of my most successful pieces.