When wife and I worked for Gettysburg National Military Park, we lived on the the Clem Redding Farm. It is today part of the Eisenhower National Historic Site, which is immediately adjacent to Gettysburg and preserves the agricultural landscape that can be seen to the west of the Eisenhower Farm.

Andrew Wyeth once said that he painted places that had some sort of emotional connection to him. Later, when I visited the Brandywine Museum and the adjacent farm where he painted most of his Pennsylvania landscapes, I found that he painted the same hill many times. That hill was where his father and younger brother were killed when their car stalled on the railroad track and was hit by an oncoming train. Wyeth was about 16 years old and the farm was adjacent to Wyeth's home. He revisited the farm again and again in many drawings and paintings including views of the farm and portraits of the owners. I felt that I had a similar, though much less dramatic feeling for the Redding Farm. Most of the paintings that I did of the Redding farm were done after we moved away. I used the many drawings that I did when we lived there and would imagine where I once stood trying to convey the feeling Of actually being there.

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  • Redding Farm -1.jpg
  • Redding Farm 02-13-06.jpg
  • Redding Revisited 6-26-2015 small_edited-1.jpg
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The Redding Farm, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 36". I did four paintings of the Redding Farm using the sketch shown in this gallery. The first version gave me the confidence to continue painting the farm long after we had left. The second version I did for friends who frequently visited from Philadelphia and shared our farm experience. One day, I received an email from a man requesting that I sell the original version as a gift for his father, who was Clem Redding’s son. This fellow had spent many summers visiting and working on his grandfather’s farm. I did a painting which I gave to him and then did a final fourth painting for myself. I eventually gave the fourth painting to our Goddaughter, who spent six summers living with us at the farm.

Redding Farm with Fields.jpg

Redding Farm from the Lower Field

Acrylic on canvas 24" x 48" 2005. This view is on the lower field looking south towards the farm house, barn and outbuildings.

Cora World. 2006 1200 ppljpg.jpg

Cora's World

Acrylic on canvas 24" x 36". At Gettysburg, we could let our cats out to roam the farm. When Debbie and I would take a walk, our two Texas cats, Anna and Cora, would follow us. This scene shows Cora down by Willoughby Run, which ran through our farm.

Redding Farm - Gettysburg.jpg

Redding Farm Field

Acrylic on canvas 24" x 36" 2006. This is a very iconic view for me. The Redding farm has a low field with Willoughby Run meandering through it and an elevated field behind the farmhouse. I spent a lot of time in the elevated field, which had a wonderful feeling of space and great views. When friends and especially children visited, we would fly kites, launch miniature rockets and fly radio controlled model airplanes there. It was also a wonderful place to draw.

Bridge over Willoughby Run.jpg

Bridge over Willoughby Run

Acrylic on canvas 24" x 48" 21013. This was an imagined morning view of the hill behind the farm house. We crossed this bridge over Willoughby Run almost every day. The clouds are winter snow clouds that are shaped into this linear pattern by the hills to the west.

Redding Farm Landscape.jpg

Redding Farm Field - Drawing

Charcoal on Arches paper 30" x 42". A drawing of a depression in the bank, where our farmer would drive his machinery to the upper field.

Redding Barn west.jpg

Redding Barn

Black Prismacolor on Arches paper 15" x 22" 1997. An "en plein air" drawing done over several November evenings after work.

06c Kern Farm color at 300 dpi.jpg
06a Kern Farm-2 1999.jpg
06g Redding Barn at 300 dpi.jpg
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06h Redding Barn-2 1997.jpg
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06l Redding Hay Mow 1997.jpg
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Drawings and Sketches (multiple images)

These sketches were done while we lived on the farm and formed the basis for all of the paintings that were done from memories and sketches after we left the Redding Farm and moved to West Virginia.

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Redding Hay Mow_lightened.jpg
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Small Pastel Drawings

Pastel on sanded paper.